Christoph (31) and michael jurkat (29) walk with a satisfied smile across the barley field they have sown just behind their farm in oberlangenroth. The rain has been good for nature, the seeds have sprouted. But again and again we find bare patches in the fields. They are seven meters long, about three meters wide and look perfectly rectangular. A breakdown of the seed machine?

17 lark fields created

"No, these are lark windows, harald hohn of the kulmbach hunters’ and hunters’ association is delighted. 17 of these have been planted voluntarily by the farmers. They wanted to give a home to the rare skylarks, to preserve their nesting sites and to create new ones.

Benschop's double pack gives dusseldorf perspective

Charlison benschop is not one of those guys who take a long time to get going. "It was important to follow up the first goal with a second to turn the game around," said the striker, who gave dusseldorf a new perspective in the 2. Fubball bundesliga again.

Benschop needed just three minutes to score both goals in fortuna’s 2-1 (0-1) win over greuther furth and halt his team’s slide down the table.

Surprise at grid agency: new power lines built after all

Amprion also completed the 30-kilometer grafschaft-sechtem line in north rhine-westphalia.

Jochen homann, head of the federal network agency, had said that not a single new line kilometer of the projects in the enlag expansion program had actually been built in the current year. His authority controls and monitors the expansion of the grid in germany. Astonishment was expressed in specialist circles about homann's statements.

Bundeswehr trains defense with nuclear weapons

The german air force trains with nato partners for the horror scenario of a nuclear war. According to information from the german press agency, a secret alliance called "steadfast noon" has begun this week.

Among other things, the use of fighter-bombers is trained, which could be equipped with nuclear weapons in the event of war. The german armed forces participate in the exercise with tornados of the tactical air force squadron 33. The fighter jets are stationed at the buchel air base in the eifel region, where, according to officially unconfirmed information, tactical U.S. Nuclear weapons of the B61 type are stored.

dispute in italy's government over migrants

Italian government accuses germany and other EU countries of failing to keep their promises to take in boat people.

The interior ministry in rome said that of 447 migrants who arrived in pozzallo, sicily, last july, germany wanted to take in 50 people. But in the end, berlin only took over 23 of them.

Slovig praised his great commitment to the club. "Numerous solo performances, the participation in the three-part choir and also in the club advisory board prove this lastingly and impressively." a commemorative gift as a sign of thanks should remind him of this honorable day.

The chairman of the steinachtal singing group, martin langbein, also thanked heinrich wunder for his work for the choir and presented the certificates and honorary pins of the german choir federation and the french singing federation. The mayor of mitwitz, hans-peter laschka (CSU), echoed these congratulations, thanking him for his commitment to the community and presenting him with a gift.

While in many places carnival clubs and special groups organize carnival programs, at the "heilig-lander-fosenacht" in neubrunn the whole village on the legs. Highlights are the gaudiwurm on carnival tuesday and the buttensitzungen, the first of which took place on the weekend. From the "bambini dance group" from the school's own band to the "retired couple schmitt all generations are represented. In the "heilig-lander-halle" there was a great atmosphere and a lot of fun in the evening.

With the mini-gardetanz and the buttenrede of emma kandler, which was pleased "princess" to be, the prelude took place, with then kalle derra and emil rodel as "village policemen" as real up-and-coming artists showed. In the remote "holy lands" where crime is almost a foreign word, thieves and thugs are not missed. In neubrun the slavinians have a hard time, in former times there were the policemen. If something doesn't fit, it gets out of hand. The stretz heinz, he sees it – he's a good one. If something goes too far for him in the village, he raises his finger from time to time." but also on ausflugen it went with the woman group around and wants to tell johanna immediately home. "For those who stayed at home, it is written by whatsapp. When she wants this, a cry ertont, where can then only my cell phone be? Lost, she doesn't know where, maybe on the train, maybe at the toilet."

Final spurt on the last day of the referendum

As well behaved as the petition for a referendum "no to tuition fees in bavaria!" the petition had a brilliant final spurt: on the last day of the registration period alone, more than 2,000 signatures were registered at the bamberg city hall. In comparison, in the first nine days of the referendum, only an average of around 600 fee opponents per day signed up on the lists on display.

Members of the campaign group against tuition fees in bamberg, which brought together student groups, members of the SPD, the free democratic party, the green party and the pirates, as well as members of the DGB and the bavarian teachers' association, were satisfied: "the mooing has paid off, according to helmut kormann, district chairman of the free voters, in a press release. Felix holland, bamberg's SPD chairman, is also pleased with the "optimal cooperation of all those involved.

General sigh of relief at the caritas kindergarten association in ebern. The general meeting of the association took place in the parish center with a larger attendance than in the previous year.

Alfred neugebauer, who has held the office of chairman for the past year, praised the work of the kindergarten team, which had been carried out under difficult conditions during the rough tree-trimming work. While the creche was being built and part of the church kindergarten was being rebuilt, the work took place on two floors and also moving into and out of the newly built creche was a particular challenge for theresia salomon's team. Neugebauer spoke of a "great achievement"."

The municipality of untersteinach is very late in adopting its budget this year. The figures prepared by the new chamber head, matthias wendler, had been discussed in detail in the finance committee. Now the resolution was on the agenda. In other municipalities this is a matter of form, but not in untersteinach.

Matthias wendler had only just managed to name the total volume – 5.52 million euros – when it came to a scandal. Helmut bergmann (-WGU) announced that he would not be able to vote on the budget. He even declared that he would lodge an appeal with a higher authority if the bill were to be passed. "The municipal council is there to control the administration and the mayor. I will in any case object and not approve the budget", so bergmann.